Wednesday, October 28

Does He Still Love Me

We have recently been receiving the following question a lot: "Does my ex still love me?" So if your heart still burns passionately for your ex and you're wondering if theirs does the same, here are top ten tips to know they still have you on their mind day and night. This will answer the question "does he still love me"

1) The daily phone call. If you can almost predict when your ex will be phoning you today "just to chat a bit", you can be dead sure it's more than just a casual phone call. Being called every day or in some clear pattern is a sure sign of love.

2) You are made a part of their day. This can take the shape of anything, including them just quickly coming over to "lend something" all the way through to you going for a drink after work every night. If it happens frequently, it's because they still need to be around you. Needy? Definitely. Does your ex still love you? Without a doubt.

3) Talking about the good ol' days. This one should be number one. If you and your ex are chatting away and they jokingly brings up a great memory the two of you share, it's some serious nostalgia kicking in there. They are wondering how it would be to have that with you again right now.

4) Your ex doesn't notice the opposite sex. A very common question we ask first when approached with the question "does my ex still love me", is if your ex has been dating other people. Sometimes your ex will avoid the opposite sex completely in an unconscious attempt to prove to you that you're the only one for them.

5) Jealousy makes your ex nasty. If your ex does some behind-your-back recon to find out if you are dating again, or gets weird when you are talking to the opposite sex, they are still protective over you. People are only protective over things they value and love, which means only one thing...

6) It's your birthday every day. If you are showered with gifts every day, this obviously is a little strange. Typical justifications for this is that they just thought you'd enjoy this little thing (even thought it might be a $200 watch or something). An obvious one, but nevertheless worth mentioning as a great sign. "Does my ex still love me?" Of course!

7) Behind-your-back recon. Another fantastic sign is that you hear from mutual friends that your ex has been asking about you a lot. This simply happens because they are burning to ask you yourself but carries to much pride to do it face to face. There is only one reason why they are hearing how you are. They are still thinking about you non-stop.

8) Always on your side. If you ever happen to get into an argument with somebody else while your ex is around and your ex immediately takes you side, you can take this as a very positive sign.

9) Your ex is hitting the gym again. You remember how, for all those months you were together your ex only went to gym twice? Now you hear that they are getting in shape 5 times a week! Take a deep breath, smile and know that it's only, ONLY for when the run into you again. Trust me.

10) They become completely submissive. Without knowing it they can actually kill all attraction you have for them by being like this. It does happen though that they can start saying for for the smallest things, spoiling you and really meeting all their promises. Note that it's NOT them promising to change, it's them actually having changed.

After field-testing this for years, these 10 tips have proven themselves over and over again. It answers perfectly the question “does my ex still love me”. If you could answer yes to any of these, you don't realize how close you potentially are to getting your ex back!


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